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Unsecured Business Credit Line Basics for a Private Medical Practice

Any hardships your medical practice may have like not doing the best it could be right now, bad location or even just lack of funding.  Extra business capital can appease any issue in the business.

Are you stifling the growth of your business by not having the proper funding and capital to manage that growth? If so, it may be time to use business credit lines and merchant cash advances to help you. Advance Funds Network can help you to make this happen, simply by allowing you to focus on those things that can boost your business’s bottom line.

Business Credit Lines

These business credit lines can help you to have funds when you need those funds. This includes any situation in which you need to have proper funding to advance your business.


Take a look at how some medical practices are using these funds to boost their business.

•    Use the funds to buy inventory and equipment when you need it. You no longer need to rely on your transactions or insurance payments to meet inventory needs.


•    Make any renovations or repairs you need to in order to encourage patients to come in the door. As a medical practice, you need to have the best functioning facility possible.


•    Use the funds to pay for your advertising and marketing campaigns. You cannot get customers without first having the funds to pay for advertising. This can help.


•    Use these funds to pay down taxes until your receipts come in to cover expenses.


•    Keep your vendors happy by not having to worry about having the money on hand to pay for deliveries. You no longer have to worry about running that blood test or stocking those cabinets with medications.



•    Keep your employees happy and working for you. This will encourage your employees to remain loyal to you even when you do have those slow weeks.



The business credit lines available from Advance Funds Network are not difficult to obtain. You do not have to have good credit to secure this merchant cash advance. As long as you have at least $5000 a month in Visa or MasterCard sales, you may qualify for this type of cash advance. Best of all, you do not have to have collateral to secure this loan. The limitations of bank loans do not apply here, including the fact that you do not have make a fixed monthly payment.


Business Credit Lines for Doctors

The flexible repayment options are one of the reasons these business credit lines work so well. When your sales are up, pay more. When your sales are lower, you pay less. You do not have to worry about finding financing that further cripples you. Borrow the funds when you need to, use them, as you need to do so, and then focus specifically on the options available to you to repay it. Advance Funds Network makes the process of keeping your medical practice operationaleasy to do. Find out how this type of funding can work to help you to achieve your goals.




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