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Unsecured Lines of Credit: A Disaster Relief Contingency Plan

If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s that help comes in all shapes and sizes; just ask business owners who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. In other parts of the country, the post-hurricane devastation is old news. However, for business owners who face that reality every day, there’s nothing old about it.

Unsecured lines of credit can assist businesses after natural disastersPeople are still cleaning up, rebuilding, and scraping by. That’s not to say there aren’t glimmers of hope. In the aftermath of the hurricane, financial institutions have stepped up to help. The IRS has extended the tax deadline for storm victims and their families. Local banks are waiving mortgage payments and late fees for 90 days or more. Even the Small Business Association is lightening the load; over the last several months, their loan approvals surpassed the $1 billion mark.

All of this support suggests that, when it comes to hurricane-affected businesses, lenders will leave no man behind. Advanced Funds Network (AFN) would like to add our voice to that battle cry. We want to get the word out about how unsecured lines of credit can insure that business communities not only rebuild, but essentially, get a chance to start over.

Speaking up for the Little Guy

It doesn’t take a natural disaster to prove that the business climate is unpredictable. Unpredictability is something that AFN understands and helps small businesses prepare for. You will still need to borrow or acquire money from other lenders and associations, but if you’ve hit that 6 month time in business mark and encountered a financial road block, AFN has the answer.

Unsecured lines of credit are your safeguard against the unexpected. They make it possible to keep the basics of your operation going during a time of transition. As we all know, it’s a long road from devastation through recovery to reach that point of starting over. The great thing is unsecured lines of credit can be a resource wherever you happen to be on that road.

These unrestricted, reusable funding options come with as few strings attached as possible. Unlike an SBA loan, you don’t need good credit, collateral, a business plan and a certain number of employees to qualify. You can cut the waiting game out of the equation too. Upon approval, AFN can give you access to unsecured lines of credit within 48 hours. This process probably sounds too good to be true for businesses in disaster relief mode, so, what are the aforementioned strings? Let’s find out.

There are No Strings on Me

To make the unsecured structure achievable, we at AFN employ a different type of credit requirement. If you can show evidence of a solid revenue history or good repayment history, we will take that in lieu of a credit score. This allows businesses affected by a disaster to still get the funding they desperately need.

Unsecured lines of credit come with a pre-set spending limit, a competitive interest rate, and flexible re-payment schedules. They are meant to be a versatile, reusable contingency plan.

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