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Useful Google Tools you May Not Know About

Google is one of the biggest and most successful tech companies in the world. This is really not surprising when you consider all of the various ways they have changed the way that we live our lives and access information. From creating the most popular search engine, to mapping streets, to allowing us to see the world from a remarkable perspective with Google Earth, this company has a reputation for being on the cutting edge. Just like Advance Funds Network helps businesses to get loans when they need them, Google helps people all over the world to accomplish a multitude of different tasks. However, for all of the popular tools that Google has created, there are just as many that most of the general public is unaware of. Here are some Google tools you may not know about.


1. Display Benchmarks Tool
This tool will allow you to see how the results of your various display advertising campaigns stack up against the averages in your particular industry. If you need to find out how various formats and sizes perform in head to head competition, this tool will provide you with current industry information so you can see what is effective and what is not.


2. Google Keep
This tool allows you to record various information with the help of a well-designed interface. There are eight color options you can use to organize your notes, place an image within your notes, start a to-do list or share a note with another person.


3. Google Career Search
Google is regularly listed among the best companies to work for in the United States. If you are interested in seeking employment with Google, this tool will help you to search for an available position with the company that you will be best suited for.


4. Google Public Data Explorer
This tool allows a user to gain access to various global databases, such as the United States Census Bureau, Eurostat, OECD and the World Bank. Once you have gathered all of the data you need, you can then have it filtered through various categories. This will enable you to have your data displayed on your choice of a map, scatterplot, bar graph or line graph.


5. Google Think Insights
Industry professionals and entrepreneurs will find this tool useful as a means of finding various tips and case studies regarding ways to make a company succeed. Various projects are showcased, allowing people to study them and gain valuable knowledge that can be applied to their own business. This tool also contains ways to get the most out of your marketing campaigns and website analytics.


6. YouTube Trends Dashboard
This tool allows you to keep informed about what videos are currently the most popular on the world’s biggest video site. This is important information if you are planning on starting an ad campaign. You can use the content that is common in many viral videos to craft your campaign so that it appeals to as many people as possible. This tool breaks down all of the information into various demographics, so you can determine what your target audience is watching.


7. Google Wallet
This is an incredibly useful tool for people who do a lot of shopping online. However, it is able to be used in brick and mortar stores as well. You can use it with your credit or debit card. It is ideal because it is a seamless way to pay for things. Because millions of people go online by using their smartphones, Google Wallet is also mobile friendly, so you can do some shopping no matter where you are.

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