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Why Google+ is So Important for Your Small Business

Google+ has proven that it is a leader in social media with the number of registered users and the buzz that’s been created around it. Whether you are a person with a business account or you’re a person with an individual account, Google+ has features that can help you. Here are some of the most preferred features of Google+.


1. Google Hangouts
Google Hangouts is a unique tool that is only available on Google+. This tool is one of the few in the industry that provides video conversations to followers at no additional cost. An unlimited number of people can be invited to the hangout session to ensure that the conversation is accessible to everyone. Face-to-face interaction is possible with your clients if you decide to use it in this manner.


2. Google+ Circles
Google+ Circles allows users to separate their friends, family, and business associates in separate categories. This new way of categorizing relationships has led to more efficient communications. Google+ Circles will allow you to be able to send emails and messages to only the circle for which you’re interested. You can put your technology partners, digital leaders, and suppliers into a different circle. Circles will allow you to find the influential leaders in your industry.


3. Google+ Helps to Generate Business Leads
Google+ can help people generate business leads that have a higher likelihood of leading to a sales conversion. In fact, nearly 70 percent of business leads come from Google. As long as the site is properly optimized, Google+ can help you find the content you need and also help your customers find you.


4. Get Your Site Ranked Higher With +1s
+1s on Google+ are akin to the “like” button on Facebook. For every positive social signal that you receive, you’re more likely to get a higher social signal. Google strives to play a huge role in how your website will perform on Google. The better your quality of content, the more likely you are to have a +1 or a higher website.


How Will Google+ Be Affected By Changing SEO Parameters?
Social signals are expected to be weighted heavier in the search engine algorithms, which is why it is important for people to know how to optimize their pages to earn more of them. This is just one aspect that companies should pay attention to if they want more visitors to their website.


Google+ seems to have good potential for obtaining more traffic and search engine traffic, but the verdict is still out. There is definitely a correlation between natural search engine rankings and the amount of social activity you have. If the pundits are right and Google+ is the next rising star, then there is so much opportunity for people who are already invested time into their Google+ site.

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