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Why You Should Start Planning For Retirement

72% of working Americans are saving something for retirement, according to a recent study. This includes people who max out their Roth IRA contributions, as well as someone who has $25 per month going into a 401(k).


While almost 3/4’s of everyone is saving, more than half are sure that it will not be enough. And they are probably right, especially when the data is matched with the work of Dr. Rob Pascale, a research psychologist who conducted an extensive study of retirees that led to his critically acclaimed book, The Retirement Maze.


What Dr. Pascale and his colleagues found was that most people are depressed in retirement. Many find they have to work, others feel as though their options are limited, and some simply miss contributing as a member of a team.


All of these reasons should be part of the motivation to help you realize that you need to save, but there are others, as well.


Saving Later (or not at all) Will Cost too Much

Many business people feel like the investments they make into their company is worth forgoing saving for retirement. In some cases, they may be right. After all, the money Evan Williams put into Twitter certainly gave him a better return than any mutual fund.


However, for the rest of us, it is imperative to put something away, and early because while the feeling of siphoning away a monthly amount will hurt, all of that pain will be eased as the interest compounds.


The Difference That 20 Years Makes

If you were start saving $250 per month at the age of 45 and the investment performed at a rate of 8%, the total amount invested after 20 years would be $60,000, and the account would have grown to $150,000.


The interest income in retirement will be $12,000.


However, if you started saving that same amount at 25 or 30, and then let it grow for 40 years, the total amount invested would be $120,000, but it will grow to be $840,000.


The interest income will be more than $65,000!


By forgoing $3,000 per year at a young age (instead of waiting) you can retire with dignity and a little bit of style. The alternative makes Social Security seem pretty attractive.


No Plan = No Target

For those who cannot afford to put anything away, the next best thing you can do is plan.


Plans can not only include when you will open a retirement account, how it will be allocated, and when you leave the workforce, but also what you will do with your time.


This ties back into the work that Dr. Pascale did. He found that while many believe retirement is the destination, they end up finding that it is the next phase, and it requires planning.


How Advance Funds Network Fits Into the Picture

Whether your business is small or large, the truth is that you are going to experience some ups and downs. This could be because your product has reached maturity, like paper products, or because of a downturn in the market.


Regardless of what the reasons are, most business owners realize that sacrificing their personal investments in order to fund their business should be a last resort, especially when there are lines of credit available.


The key takeaways are that you should begin planning for retirement. Saving is a great start, but it’s not enough. You should be thinking of retiring as your next career. After all, with diligence and hard work it will last a few decades. Next, if you are in need of funds, your retirement savings is better off earning long-term compound interest gains, not covering short-term emergency expenses.


This will make your retirement much richer, and your career one with reduced stress.

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