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Challenges Owners Face in Securing Business Loans

Operating a successful business can be a challenging, but rewarding, experience. Securing a business loan from a traditional lender, however, can often end up being more difficult than actually running the business.


Business owners often face significant challenges in securing a business loan. A few of the challenges faced by business owners are credit rating, collateral, loan fees, and a lack of flexibility.


Many small businesses are owned and operated by the same person. The small business owner often finds it is necessary to rely on his or her own credit rating to obtain business financing. This may be especially true for newer businesses where the owner has not yet had time to establish business credit.


Business owners who have had any credit problems may find it nearly impossible to qualify for a business loan. Previous credit problems can prevent a business owner from being able to successfully expand their business.


A bad credit business loan from AFN can be the ideal solution for business owners who need capital to grow their business, but are being blocked by past credit problems. It does not make sense to prevent a business from growing and becoming more profitable just because the owner has had some past trouble with his or her credit.


Traditional lenders frequently require collateral for business loans. These lenders may insist on collateral in an attempt to lessen the risk of the loan, and newer businesses or those with credit problems may find it impossible to obtain business loans without significant collateral.


Many modern businesses do not have access to enough collateral to qualify for a traditional bank loan. These businesses may be profitable and poised for growth, but simply do not have access to collateral for one reason or another. Modern, small businesses may be lean businesses that do not need significant equipment. Newer businesses that do need expensive equipment may already have the equipment financed and thus not available for collateral on another loan.


We are able to help these businesses through no-collateral business loans. Hard-working business owners should not be prevented from expanding their business just because of a lack of collateral.


Business loans often involve a lot of extra fees. Application fees and other hidden fees can add considerably to the cost of securing a business loan. Business owners may find it necessary to pay fees before even knowing if the business will qualify for the loan.


Business loans from AFN have no application fees or hidden fees. This makes it easier for business owners to obtain the financing their business needs.


Business owners often find traditional business loans to be very inflexible. Business loan terms are often designed with the lender in mind rather than the business owner. Restrictions on how funds can be used, long processing times, and limited financing options can all frustrate owners seeking business financing.


Owners who work with AFN for their business financing needs are pleasantly surprised by our flexible process and financing options. We are able to offer business owners a variety of flexible financing options to grow or expand their business.


Alternative Business Loans
Fortunately, there are financing options available that are tailored for businesses seeking an alternative to traditional bank financing. We have been helping business owners secure the financing they need for many years. Our process is fast, easy, and transparent.


Call us today and speak with a loan specialist to learn how we can help you secure the financing you need to help your business grow.

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