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Time Management Tools to help you save time and Keep You Focused

Working long hours and completing multiple tasks throughout the day can be very time consuming for many business owners. Many small business owners frequently feel overwhelmed, encounter confusion, and sometimes will ask themselves is it really worth it. As a business owner, your time is your most valuable asset. It is the sole purpose of your existence, and you can not afford to waist it. You only have a certain amount of hours in any given day and you can’t add anymore to the existing 24 hours, regardless of what you do. Because of this, it is wise to begin utilizing some of these tools in an attempt to improve your time management.


Rescue Time
It is Monday morning; you are sitting at your desk, and you slightly glance at the clock to discover it’s already lunchtime. Where did all the time go? Rescue Time is a web-based service that answers this question. It not only lets your know what you have done with your time (as in, which programs or websites you used), but it helps you figure out whether or not it was time well-spent. It allows you to become aware of how your time was spent.


Toggl is a unique time tracking program. It lets you monitor your time right from the browser on your computer or smartphone. You can simply type in what you’re working on by pressing the start button and then a timer begins ticking. When you’re done, you will simply press “stop.” The free version allows up to five users. If you have more than five users, you will have to utilize the Pro plan which is $5 per user.


Focus Booster
Focus Booster was created to minimize confusion and enable you to solely focus on what you are working on, and the platform seamlessly incorporates with any background on your PC. It also has several customizable features. Custom timers and buzzers will enable you to work faster and with greater productivity. Focus Booster allows you to set the time frame for every session, sound options, and to begin under specific conditions.


Mind42 is an on-line mind mapping program that enables users to visualize their thinking by using the proven mind mapping approach. The program offers a very useful picture based tool for brainstorming. The online portion allows access that isn’t restricted by geographical locations.


MyLifeOrganized is a scheduling software application that utilizes a brilliant and intuitive interface. This practical time-management software works well on a personal computers and can usually be installed without any difficulties. Many small business owners have found this tool to be very beneficial for their business and help with management of their time.


Dropbox is more of a synchronization platform rather than a back-up service, meaning that while you are able to put it to use for backing up important files, its actual selling point is its synchronization of files and having the ability to retrieve important files from wherever you are and on any device. Dropbox’s strength comes from its easy to use platform and its scalability, allowing it to be the perfect option for the small business looking to grow.


Syncback Freeware
SyncBack Free is a flexible, and fairly strong backup and synchronization program which enables business owners to keep back-up copies of their files and folders, or to synchronize them, so that both locations also possess a copy. It has various options that allow you to select how newer or older files are processed, which files are excluded and more.

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