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Get Pet Store Financing with an Unsecured Line of Credit

Business Term LoansIn businesses with large inventory needs, such as pet stores, having access to an unsecured line of credit can help the company to serve customer needs better. Many pet store owners struggle to have the necessary financial backing to keep a large cash flow available. That means that there are times when there are cash shortfalls.

You may find yourself struggling to balance customer needs and demand with your inventory. Still, those pets need to be fed and you need to pay employees. How can you get around this situation? Turn to Advance Funds Network for your best solution, and find out how an unsecured line of credit can work for you.

Pet stores need to keep significant inventory on hand. This ranges from the pets up for adoption to the food and other care products for animals. Consider the following ways that an unsecured line of credit can improve your business.

•    Use this line of credit to manage your inventory. Buy stock and keep the shelves full before you have a sales rush that you can’t fulfill.

•    Use this line of credit to pay any costs associated with renovations and upkeep of the facility, even when sales are lower. That way, the pet store remains looking great and is an attractive option for customers. Sometimes downtime is the best time to invest in the physical store and equipment.

•    For those weeks that are slower, maintain your employee payroll. You can do this using this unsecured line of credit. It will help you to keep your customer happy even when you had a bad week.

Finding the right unsecured line of credit is necessary. Many pet storeowners have smaller businesses and not a lot of working capital. Advance Funds Network offers a low cost way for you to get the funds you need into the business, without the risk of having to make a big payment every month.

•    Qualify if you have at least $5000 worth of Visa or MasterCard sales each month.

•    Either good or bad credit can qualify

•    No fixed monthly payment. Pay based on what you earn in sales for that month. This way, your business keeps running and you do not have to keep paying big expenses.

Take the time to focus on the options available to you when it comes to loans. A bank has many more restrictions and limitations. It may tell you know if you do not have a credit history and so they can’t help you. On the other hand, the unsecured line of credit available to you from Advance Funds Network can keep your business moving forward, and achieving the goals you have for it. Keep your pet store doors open and helping animals to find homes.

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