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How to Get More Customers to Interact with Your Website

In order to increase your bottom line, you need to increase your visibility and interactions online. Although there is no one-size-fits-all method for increased interaction, there are definitely some techniques that you can implement to see which of them works best for you. Here are a few ways that you can get more customers to interact with your website.


First, partner with the online taste makers in your industry.
For the most part, online taste makers are curators of online blogs who have amassed an audience. You need this audience to look at your website; other law webmasters need to be informed of the newest happenings in the industries. Become a resource that this webmaster can trust for new information. See if you can write a guest blog for that person. Eventually their audience will come to trust you as a resource. This will result in increased interaction with your website.


Second, optimize your social media presence.
Having a good social media presence informs your search engine ranking. If many people like your posts and share them with their friends, you will get a lot of link juice on your social media sites. This link juice can then be transferred to your website or increased visibility on the search engines.


The large social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are difficult to break in at this point in time. Target the taste makers from the big social media websites, but do not interact with them there. Interact with them on smaller, niche oriented websites where you can form a personal relationship and showcase your authenticity. From there, your content can be repurposed once they trust you. They will naturally share it on their larger social media profiles. You will then have the advantage of this promotion without seeming to have solicited it on the larger social media platforms. This is the basis for how viral content circulates the Internet.


Third, make sure that all of the information on your websites is fully optimized for the major search engines.
The major search engines crawl websites more and more like human visitors every day. This means that something as small as a misspelled word or a dead link can drastically reduce your search engine presence.


If your content is syndicated, you also run into many problems with the search engines as well. In some cases, search engines will view this content as copied and bury it in listings. You need to have original content on your website if you hope to maximize your ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing.


It is well-known that sites ranking highly in search engine rankings will be visited more often by consumers. If your content is targeted, then these listings will be targeted as well. You will receive additional viewership from people who are actually interested in your product, so keep all of your content authentic and do not give into the temptation to make it more sexy or “viable” with short-term marketing techniques.


Fourth, synchronize your off-line presence with your online presence.
Many popular websites are only popular because of the actions that occur off-line that are related to that website. For instance, the websites of electronic musicians such as Poniiboi are only popular because of the intense concerts that they give in person.


In order to maximize this off-line activity, incorporate technologies such as QR codes and GPS sensitive coupons to draw in your customers who are actually corresponding with you in the real world.

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