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The Most Important Things to do When Promoting Your Press Release

No matter how well written a press release is, if it isn’t promoted, it’s as useless as a sky-writing in the rain. Visibility is everything when establishing a small business. With today’s technology, there exist a wide variety of distribution options both online and off, and aspiring entrepreneurs need to allocate their resources as precisely as possible to get it seen by the right people. Marketing isn’t always the first financial concern people have when they are starting up, but a bigger early investment pays dividends in later success. This is just another way that the Advance Funds Network can fortify a budget’s foundations.


1. Online Press Release Distribution Sites: The most immediately effective way for a business to gain maximum visibility is for it to submit its press release to a quality online distribution service. Such services will optimize a release for search engines. A press release with strong keywords, titles, and meta tags will get the most out of online distribution. Depending on the service chosen, some distribution sites will help write or edit a release to have the right attributes.


2. Social Media: Maintaining a strong social media presence is something every business in the modern age has to do. Being connected to more people also means that a business can publish their press releases to a guaranteed audience for free. A businesses social media presence should be broad across platforms, but not over-saturated with content.


3. Offline Distribution: These days, the internet is king, but taking the time to distribute a press release through local papers and magazines can drum up publicity where there isn’t as much competition. Any business with a local storefront should take notice of what people in the community read and pay attention to.


4. Targeted Media Sources: Rather than send out a press release in bulk, it is best for business owners to study which media outlets and journalists frequently publish releases for their company’s specific niche and speak to them as personally as possible. Media sources, just like businesses, try to attract a targeted audience. If that audience matches a businesses desired consumer base, a relationship between the two entities benefits both.


5. Keep Providing Updates: As a business grows, so does its services. It is important that it maintains its public presence. There’s no need to overdo it with irrelevant releases every week, but using a variety of outlets at a relaxed pace, a business can keep itself relevant online and off without becoming spam.


Visibility is a must-have for businesses, and no one should ever cut corners when establishing their brand. Fortunately, there is a wealth of options for distributing press releases and gaining awareness. To guarantee your business is able to broadcast itself to all potential clients and consumers, consider a business loan from the Advance Funds Network.

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