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Secure a Business Line of Credit for this Summer’s Biggest Landscape Projects

Can anyone name a business that requires $100,000 in upfront capital even though it’s not a start-up? One of the biggest contenders in this category is landscape contracting. The reason is partially due to the seasonal nature of the work and partially due to the cost of supplies for any given job. 

A seasoned landscape contractor will have a solid plan in place before prime landscaping starts, but the most organized plans often go awry. Very few businesses make it through the lean years without some kind of third-party financial assistance. One of the best decisions a high-cost seasonal business can make is opening a small business line of credit.

Living Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Owning a small landscaping company can feel like you’ve taken up residence in between an immovable object and an impenetrable force.

You’ve made it through the start-up phase, which is great, but you still can’t see sustainability from where you are right now. You know what? That’s OK. Advance Funds Network (AFN) is here to provide advice and a solution. Rather than getting financial whiplash from looking back and forth between debt and profitability, why not build a path to where you want to be by using a small business line of credit?

A landscape contracting business located in Glen Mills, PA, took our suggestion. They used their credit line to: get additional working capital, cover their expenses, and fund upcoming projects. In fact, they were so impressed with our service they renewed a contract with us like 85% of our customers do!

The great thing about this funding is you can put it toward anything, which includes:

  • Past debts
  • Bids on future projects
  • Expensive landscaping supplies and equipment
  • Working capital
  • Payroll

Whatever the barrier is that is keeping your business from hitting the next stage, a small business line of credit from AFN can help you scale it. Did we mention the credit is reusable?

Design a Sustainable Future

If you have survived the seasonal grind this long, than you know a thing or two about planning and goal-setting. Your livelihood depends on these principles; your financial planning should too.

At this stage of the game, you don’t have investors or an independent revenue stream to pull from. You are building a client base and getting your name out there. The great thing about a small business line of credit is it can be with you every step of the way and there when you need it.

Yes, the goal is that one day you won’t have to rely on it as much. Work toward that day and work hard. What we want you to know is, until that day comes, and even after it arrives, AFN will be the silent financial partner alongside you, helping you get the capital you need for whatever lies ahead.

All it takes to get started is a visit to our website and a live chat with one of our representatives.

A business line of credit can help your company get funds fast

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