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A Crash Course in Quality Leadership

Small business ownership isn’t for the faint of heart. In all of the years that we have worked with businesses nationwide, we have learned that it takes more than an infusion of working capital to keep the lifeblood of a company flowing. Unsecured business lines of credit can supply the fuel, but it takes a leader to decide where that fuel takes his or her company.

That leaves us with a burning question to answer: what makes a good leader? You may think that leading comes from managing, but look closer. If you are managing your employees, you are usually focusing on two things:

1. Cost
2. Productivity


You’re simply asking your employees to do things a little better, faster, and cheaper than they did the day before. A good leader asks more of their employees, and more importantly, of themselves.


Pulling Off a Professional Hat Trick


The reality is, if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re really a:
• Leader
• Motivator
• Nurturer
• Educator
• Mentor


All rolled into one.


The difference between leading and managing is your comfort level. Most of us would admit we’re more comfortable in one role or the other. For some business owners, leadership doesn’t come naturally. Yet, they are looked upon as leaders. What that really means is, comfortable with it or not, business owners have to develop and hone their leadership skills.


The process starts with defining those skills.


A Chance to Show Quality


The best leaders don’t shout their accomplishments from the rooftops. They don’t need to. You can tell they are leaders because they own the room from the moment they enter it. How is that possible? Here are some tips to foster confident, quality leadership:


Tip One: Oust your “yes men.” Like unsecured business lines of credit, creativity and talent shouldn’t be wasted. Too often owners make the mistake of keeping things agreeable. Don’t let employee strengths sit idle or undiscovered because no one wants to share a differing opinion. Encourage debate and originality. Listening to a variety of opinions breeds innovation.


Tip Two: Uncover your employees’ M.O. This does not have to be a covert-op. There is no reason to invade their privacy, just get to know them. Once you know what makes them tick and motivates their decision making, you can put them to their best use within the company.


Tip Three: Teach them to ride a bike. Good leaders know that the best teaching comes from demonstration and application. Show your employees how to do something and then let them apply the lesson on their own. Give them the space and time they need to complete the task. Only step in to correct mistakes.


Tip Four: A little encouragement goes a long way. An encouraged employee is a happy employee.


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