The Major Benefits of Re-designing your Website

Led by Google, the entire Internet will soon redesign the entire way that it lists websites. Because Google is responsible for around 80% of the total visibility of a website on the Internet, what they say when it comes to search relevance usually becomes law.

As of April 2015, websites that are not fully responsive will be completely delisted from the mobile search web results of Google. Soon after that, those websites will be completely delisted. However, this is not the only reason that have to redesign your website immediately. Here are just a few of the best.

A website redesign allows you to incorporate the latest third-party apps.

Any website that does not have a click to call feature may be losing out on a great deal of business. If you do not know what a click to call feature is, your website definitely needs a redesign. The current iteration of your website may not even have the ability to handle a click to call application, much less incorporate it in a natural way. There are many other third-party applications that can only be properly implemented with a current website operating system.

People get tired of seeing the same website design over and over again.

Customers like to see progress. Even if you feel as though you have a loyal audience, you need to keep those people engaged in what you are doing. There is something to be said about nostalgia; however, everyone loves to know that the businesses they patronize are keeping up with technology. Would you continue to go to the same dentist if his office looked the same as an office did 20 years ago with huge drills and steel chairs?

You engage with new potential customers when you redesign your website.

There is an entire generation of new customers coming of age in the world. These people grew up on computers and actually have a preference for doing online commerce. If your website is not redesigned to cater to these people, then you risk losing market share as your own audience drops out of the market and these new spenders take over.

There are new forms of commerce that your website must implement.

Less people than ever are paying with cash. Even credit cards are becoming an obsolete form of payment with new PayPal and Apple Pay systems coming into popularity. On top of this, alternative currencies such as BitCoin are also becoming viable ways of trading for services. You need to have a website that can deal with these new methods of payment.

There is no such thing as a perfect website, because the needs of your customers are always changing. If you have a perfect website today, it can quickly become obsolete if you are not willing to upgrade it on a consistent basis based on the needs of your customers.

AFN can be a huge resource in helping to redesign your website. If you have the ideas, but you do not necessarily have the funding, be sure to visit our website so that you can begin building a relationship with someone who can help you. You may also be able to access website building resources that you never knew existed once you clue yourself into the network that we have built just for business owners like you!

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