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The New Businesses Arising From New Technolgy


The increase in technology has led to rising of new business that was not heard of before. Internets have created a more new business than any other sector of the economy. Small businesses rely heavily on the new technology to thrive and remain operational while making profits. Some companies arising from the internet technology include.


Professional service business


These are the business that primary role is to offer information based services. Their business does not require a physical presence of the provider. Conventional business like house cleaning and lawn care services required the provider to be physically present and have a physical address to transact business. The advance in internet technology with faster and reliable internet has created new lines of business.


Freelance writers are a new type of business emerging online. The writers can write volumes of books and contents and sell it to clients via email. Graphic designers are also companies that offer complete design of a website and have it uploaded. These emerging businesses do not require physical presence to trade.


Consulting services are other online new businesses on the rise. They can offer consultation services to the clients online in medicine, transport, educational in many other sectors of the economy. These companies provide their services through chat and messaging sites through the social media indicating a complete shift from the traditional business model.


Digital goods services


Internet technology has created businesses that buy and sell their goods online. These products are digital like software, research companies, book publishing among others. Software developers design and upload their software online to sell to clients. The customers also buy and download the software’s from the internet and install on their computers.


Video production companies and photography design companies are no longer buying the boxed disk content. They rely on online businesses that sell digital content where they purchase the content and download it.


Publishing business


The publishing industry is shifting from the initial paper publishing to soft copy publishing. This new form of business creates online publications offers it for purchase online. Unlike traditional publishers, these new publications have no time deadline limitations as the content is easy to update regularly.


Online publishers run efficiently and at lower costs than the old hard copy publishers. For instance, local will have to print a paper each day. On the contrary, online publishers can break the news into segments and continually offer them through the day. The online editor even has a competitive edge of making more money by selling advertising space and selling content in full or in whole.


Catalogue business


Traditionally catalogues and mail were delivered in print. The new technology from the internet has created new cataloguing and mail companies that provide them online with the same print format. The online cataloging and mailing business have significantly reduced the cost of printing and delivering mails to clients. The customers receive a copy of catalogues displaying the products offered by various companies in their electronic mail. It’s relatively cheaper and convenient.


Online catalogue businesses have reduced the enormous costs of printing and mailing catalogues. Digital catalogues can be displayed in several websites and contain several products at a low cost. This new business has not only replaced convectional business but has made the cost of doing business cheap and efficient.


E-commerce business


These businesses specialize in selling merchandise online. The customer places an order on the auction website, and the owner organizes for its shipping after paying the markup price. This new type of business is very common online and involves selling goods like cars, households and electronics.


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