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Through the ups and downs of the U.S. economy in the last few years, lending practices have changed across the board as investors have become far more particular about who they loan money too.  One positive trend has been seen in small businesses, as more and more small business owners obtain carefully planned loans in order to grow their companies.   (more…)

Investing in a franchise can be a valuable financial venture as well as a calculated career move.  By working with an established brand, franchisees have the benefit of business operations that are already in place and practices that have already proven successful.  At the same time, owners can be their own boss and hone their business sense by having control over their own corner of the brand.   (more…)

Owning a restaurant is an exercise in problem solving and overcoming challenges. The majority of restaurants fail by year three. Quite simply, it is a tough business to launch and sustain. The good news is there's a light at the end of this entrepreneurial tunnel.


The domestic manufacturing industry is the source of a modern-day fairytale. It has gone through quite a transformation since being moved largely offshore in 2008. Current trend-watchers are referring to it as a Cinderella story. Looking at the evidence in front of you, it would be hard to disprove their claim.
So why was this staple of the land of opportunity outsourced in the first place? Let's find out.


Even the most thriving companies can have difficulties with customers paying their bills on time.  Sometimes extended payment terms are the compromise you need to make for getting that extra business from a client, even at a difficult cost on your business operations.


At Advanced Funds Network (AFN), we know a bad credit business loan isn't the only way to grow your business in tough, lean times. There's actually a way to effectively grow your business without spending a cent. It's a model we recommend our customers use before they ever apply for a business loan. (more…)

More than just the initial investment or a lump sum for specific purposes, many small to medium sized businesses can benefit from extra working capital.  But what if all your funds are tied up in equipment, designated for rent, or otherwise inaccessible?  Especially in the early years of operation, this is a common problem that can keep businesses from reaching their full potential.


In the early years of business, a company’s greatest difficulty is sometimes access to working capital.  Even a successful business may find that the initial costs for a business are too great to leave much room for growth, keeping them small for longer than their potential recommends.  Without the good credit that only comes after some years in operation, extra financing can be nearly impossible to obtain.


Can anyone name a business that requires $100,000 in upfront capital even though it’s not a start-up? One of the biggest contenders in this category is landscape contracting. The reason is partially due to the seasonal nature of the work and partially due to the cost of supplies for any given job.  (more…)

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