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Your Company Culture Affects Your Customers

In the day to day hectic pace of business, the patina of company culture is often overlooked. Company culture plays an incredibly important role in the way it affects customers and customers’ attitudes toward your company. The company image your small business projects can lead to greater success or failure.


Small Business Image and Company Culture
Without realizing it, the external appearance of a company has as much an impact on customers as the internal appearance, of which the culture of a company is invested. Obviously, it’s important to be objective and identify precisely the type of culture within your company as customers view and experience it. Here are several issues that create a negative company culture observed by customers:

  • Pervasive tardiness of employees
  • Lack of attention to detail
  • Overly dramatic interaction between employees and customers
  • Negative customer satisfaction and company reviews
  • Inability to directly fill customers’ needs

Issues that create a positive company culture include proactive involvement in the local small business community and commerce includes:

  • High visibility among target customer base.
  • Product and service reliability
  • A culture that breeds progressive innovation and creative new ideas.

Astute Customers React to Company Culture
The ways your culture affect customers are shown in their attitude toward your products and services and their willingness to remain a loyal part of clientele. Customers react to negative company culture by becoming indifferent to employees who make them wait for service, are absent from their stations, show lack of attention to details of customer orders which results in negative customer service satisfaction and potential negative product and service reviews of the company. A company culture that ignores unprofessional attitudes of employees with customers results in loss of the customer base. With regard to filling customers’ needs, employees should be alert, aware and able to directly fill orders and provide comprehensive interface. A company culture that allows gaps in directly filling customers’ needs suffers loss of revenue.


How to Develop the Best Small Business Company Culture
Small businesses, especially those that are startups, need professional advice from experts at Advance Funds Network on how to develop the best small business company culture. A company that appears successful and professional attracts business for the long term. Often this requires a bit of financial funding. Advance Funds Networks experts help new businesses and existing businesses to hurdle the difficulties that a negative company culture has created. For small business owners trying to recoup the loss of business is time consuming and often, ineffectual due to lack of knowledge of the basic problems. Advance Funds Network has the experience and cost-effective strategies to help businesses readjust their company culture and gain new sources that increases the customer base and business revenue.


The Sure Way to an Effective Company Culture
When the company needs a “facelift,” to improve company culture, this is the time to consider an outlay of cash. Advance Funds Network provides a stellar approach to assist companies to reach their desired goals by offering a variety of loan programs. For example, if a company has endured a short term loss of working capital, Advance Funds Network funding helps avoid further loss of company reputation with vendors and customers. Services and orders continue without interruption as a result of financial loans that tide a small business over until their financial constraints are abated.


The “Ah” Moment in Company Culture
By choosing a professional service like Advance Funds Network, not only does this improve the financial status of the business; but, it also improves the overall company culture and customer and employees’ morale.

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